Terra Nova

Terra Nova Terra Nova footprints by Fast-Lite

Terra Nova

The Terra Nova Solar Photon 2 Ultralight Compatible Footprint CUSTOM - Tent Body Only

The Terra Nova Solar Photon 2 footprint protects your tent floor from abrasion and water. Enjoy the outdoors with lightweight hiking gear!

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  • Ultralight 8oz
  • Durable, weatherproof Tyvek® ground cloth
  • Protects your tent from abrasion and wet ground
  • Technical cut, sized slightly smaller than your tent
  • Shock-Lok™ fastening system keeps the footprint taut and centered
  • Stimpson® commercial grade nickel grommets
  • Sil-nylon ultralight storage bag in gray or choose your color
  • Made in USA
  • More info about Fast-Lite footprints

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