Fast-Lite Dyneema Line - Ultralight, Ultrastrong

Fast-Lite Dyneema Line - Ultralight, Ultrastrong

Here is 50 feet (15.25 meters) of Fast-Lite brand Dyneema® ultralight rope/line in yellow color. This is the latest technology and is the ultimate strength to weight ratio line available.

Made from Dyneema® fiber (also branded as Spectra®), this twine yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch and longest wear life available. The proprietary urethane coating adds to the twine’s wear life, ensures the knot-holding capability of the twine, and gives the twine its distinctive yellow color.

***Updated for 2015*** Now including our ultralight 2.5 gram foam spool. Almost weightless!

  • 1.75 mm Color: Flash Yellow, Weight: .88 oz per 50 feet (25 grams) Breaking Strength: 500 lbs (230 kg)

*Note: The 50 feet of line comes on our ultralite foam roll. Multiple orders will not be cut, unless specified. If you order (3) quantity 50 foot lengths you will be sent 150 ft.

Ideal for the following usages when you want the highest level of performance:

  • Ultralight backpacking
  • Tent guy lines
  • Hammock, Slings
  • Bear hanging food bags
  • Kite/Wakeboard/Waterski Lines
  • Accessory Products
  • Braided Twines
  • Climbing and Rigging Accessories
  • Survival
  • Tree throw lines, forestry

Fast-Lite Dyneema Line - Ultralight, Ultrastrong

Fast-Lite Dyneema 1.75mm Ultralight Line, 50 Feet (YELLOW)

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