Fast-Lite Tent Footprint

Fast-Lite™ Footprint features for 2017:

Lightweight: Fast-Lite™ footprints are lighter than most manufacturer’s footprints. Lighter weight products are less fatiguing to carry and allow you to travel faster. Enjoy the outdoors through lightweight hiking

Tyvek®: Made from Dupont® Tyvek®, a tough and durable high technology material. Tyvek has excellent water, stain, mildew, abrasion and sunlight resistance.

Our footprint model is lightweight and tough protection for both mountaineers and gram counting adventurers, and for harsh ground and frequent usage. The material we use is white and logo free.

Catenary Cut: On most footprints, we use a catenary (curved) technical cut that serves to match the outline of your tent, make the footprint taut, and reduce rainwater pooling between the tent and footprint.

X-Fit™ Sizing: Exactly matches manufacturer’s original footprint for a perfect fit. Your Fast-Lite footprint is guaranteed to fit your tent model.

Shock-Lok™ Fastening System: Quickly secures footprint to the tent corners. Keeps footprint slightly taut and centered underneath tent floor, eliminating looseness and movement. We use lightweight shock cord with the lightest most durable cord locks we could find from Duraflex®, a non-corrosive tough all-plastic design that can withstand up to 60,000 actuations.

Grommeted Corners: Specially reinforced to hold nickel plated Stimpson® grommets, a high copper content corrosion resistant commercial grade fastener made to exacting precision in the USA.

Storage Bag: The included ultra lightweight Sil-Nylon storage sack is manufactured in USA. Made from 1.3oz/yd silicone impregnated nylon. For us, making a superior product includes the accessories that come with it.

Made in USA: All parts and manufacturing originate in the USA (except for a rubber band and plastic packaging). This helps us have a higher level of quality control and supports our domestic economy .

We provide a 1 Year Limited Warranty on the Fast-Lite footprint. Contact us for warranty concerns.